Book review: The Age of Gold: The battle of the great detectives

A detective ‘whodunnit’ is not a genre I usually read (or have read much of in the past). However, I did enjoy this book, narrated in the first-person by the detective. It is set in the age of the great detectives in the 1920s (the great detectives all have elaborate names and specific methods for solving crimes, which results in a comical attempt at blending in and joining them by the narrator). The narrator is aware that he is not one of the great detectives, yet manages to solve the case of a girl being ransomed and, soon after his arrival, the theft of £150,000 of gold. The narrator uses a range of interesting phrases to describe settings, situations and people; they are at their best when describing the disdain he is treated with at the great house. I had worked out the plot before the end and am sure that there were probably references within the book that readers more familiar with the genre would have understood and chuckled at. If you want a gentle mystery with some laughs along the way, I would recommend this book.

I read The Age of Gold: The battle of the great detectives on my Kindle, where at the time of writing it is available for 49p.


2 thoughts on “Book review: The Age of Gold: The battle of the great detectives

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for the lovely review – and for giving my book a chance in the first place! If you have the opportunity it would be great if you could post it on Amazon, as novels like mine need all the help they can get these days.

    Not to worry if it’s too much hassle or you’d rather not – totally understand – I am in your debt enough for the kind words and your spending your time on my book in the first place!

    Thanks again for reading and reviewing,



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