Book review: Farewell to Russia: A Pyotr Kirov detective novel

This novel is set in Soviet Russia; a nuclear facility has leaked and poisoned a reservoir. An American company has designed and built equipment that can clean the lake, but a technology embargo prevents the Russians from being able to buy it. George Twist, who works for the parent company of the American business, works with Pyotr Kirov of the KGB to try and get the equipment to Russia and prevent the death of millions. A race against time ensues: the Russians need the equipment quickly to cleanse the lake before the Spring thaw, whilst the Americans get told what is happening and look to prevent the Soviets gaining the technology.

In the author notes, Jim Williams describes his style in this novel as being similar to John Le Carre. I can see some similarities in that the pace is slow and deliberate, with tension being built up as the story progresses and the plot twists and turns. There is not lots of action as there is in other thrillers, but the action in the final couple of chapters is exciting, featuring a chase on ice. If you like thrillers with a deliberate pace, I would recommend Farewell to Russia: A Pyotr Kirov detective novel.


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