Book review: Siegfried: The Nazis’ last stand

Siegfried: The Nazis’ last stand examines the attempts of the Western Allies to breach the West Wall in 1944/45. The book is split into two separate books: one covering the latter months of 1944 and the second covering the opening months of 1945. Whiting covers the attacks and counter-attacks on a month-by-month basis, giving both the overall strategy of the armies and individual tales from soldiers fighting there. This mixture shows the jealousy of the Generals involved, whilst showing the terrible conditions endured by those fighting.

I found this book interesting, particularly because it was something I did not know much about before; books on the Western Allied armies in Europe tend to be based around either Dunkirk or D-Day. This book shows that once the Western Allies had broken out from Normandy, it was not an easy journey into Germany and that there was still much hard and bitter fighting, even though the end of the war was so close.


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