UFC Fight Night: McGregor V Siver

Donald Cerrone (#3) V Benson Henderson (#5) was the co-main event and a very good match-up. The fight went the distance and the judges all scored the fight 29-28 to Cerrone. When I heard all the judges had scored it 29-28, I thought that Henderson would be announced the winner; Cerrone got the better of the first round, but Henderson seemed to control the pace and range of rounds 2 and 3. However, in those rounds, Cerrone did get takedowns (1 in each round), although Henderson quickly got back up both times. Cerrone has now won seven in a row and remains in the race for facing the winner of Pettis V Dos Anjos with the victory.

The main event of Conor McGregor (#5) V Dennis Siver (#10) was pretty much one way traffic and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight 1.54 into round 2. McGregor had a lot of success with straight lefts, with the last one putting Siver down. McGregor then gained full mount and some ground and pound saw the stoppage. At the end of the fight, McGregor left the octagon and made his way towards the watching champion, Jose Aldo; he then returned for the official decision and interview. McGregor will now fight Aldo for the Featherweight title; Aldo seems unconcerned about his next defence being against McGregor.


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