Book review: Long Leggety Beasties

Long Leggety Beasties follows English teacher Geraldine Dolan in her first job at St Thelma’s School (a castle) in Cornwall in 1981/2. She soon encounters a nightmare class (5Z), made worse by the chair of governors son being there. Her experiences with this (and other classes) forms the basis of the start of the novel, although as she makes friends with other members of staff (notably The Archers, who meet on the battlements), her teaching experiences start to take a back seat to the escapades they get involved in.

I found the book to be very funny and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of the characters are very eccentric, some to extremes, but all remain believable – my favourites were Rital and the rest of the dinner ladies. Some of the situations that Miss Dolan and the school find themselves in seem quite remarkable (the archery tournament and its aftermath!), but always entertain greatly. The book ends with the Head’s fire drill plan (which has to be read to be believed!) being enacted through the Pageant, which naturally has the local media present. I strongly recommend this book and it had me laughing out loud on several occasions.


One thought on “Book review: Long Leggety Beasties

  1. Many, many thanks for this, Matthew; it came out of the blue and made my day. Would you be able/willing to pop in onto Amazon for me at some point? You are a star! Alienora


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