UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson V Johnson

The co-main event saw Dan Henderson (#9) take on Gegard Mousasi (#8) in the Light Heavyweight division. The fight was a quick one (1:10); a punch from Mousasi put Hendo down and Mousasi went for some ground and pound. A couple of quick punches and the fight was called off by the ref, with Hendo seeming to be recovering at the time and grabbing onto Mousasi’s leg. It looked as though Hendo could continue, but Mousasi held back on his first punch before striking after the knockdown, which perhaps forced the decision after the first punch landed.

The main event saw Alexander Gustafsson (#1) take on Anthony Johnson (#3) in the Light Heavyweight division. This was also a short fight (2:15). The first minute saw some good shots being traded, although nothing big being landed cleanly. The fight was briefly stopped after a stray Gustafsson finger found Johnson’s right eye. The resumption saw Johnson land a big shot, which he was able to follow up on. He was finally able to knock Gustsafsson down before taking his back and starting some ground and pound, which saw the referee give Gustafsson plenty of time before finally calling the fight off. After such a decisive victory, Rumble is now surely the number one contender and will fight Jon Jones for the title next. Unsurprisingly, Johnson said he wanted to face Jones next in the post-fight interview.


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