Book review: Tracks

Tracks follows the Centre, a group that looks for missing children and was set up after Sam’s child was kidnapped. A mission in Egypt goes disastrously wrong, with one of the team being killed and another taken prisoner. A chance meeting in a hospital sees the revelation of a plot and a lead that could reunite Sam with his son, but only with the help of a mercenary group of ex-special forces soldiers.

Tracks begins with the abduction and then jumps ten years forward. Following the start, the pace does slow down and gradually builds up until a fast-moving final section. As the story progresses, numerous important characters get injured or even killed, which is a bit of a departure for the norm and adds realism to the story; too many stories like this feature characters who seem to be pretty much bullet-proof. The slow moving pace to begin with allows a full building of the back story and introduction to the key players, but once the action begins, it does not really let up. With key characters having been injured and killed throughout, there is never the assumption that everything will be alright in the end. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.


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