Tigers 5-0 Wildcats

The game between the Tigers and the Wildcats was abandoned yesterday evening with the Tigers winning 5-0. I was not at the game, but have seen the highlights. In the third, Malasinski checked Silverthorn hard into the boards behind the Tigers net. The check was definitely hard, but looked to be ok; there was some pushing and shoving after the whistle blew, but no-one seriously attempted to engage Malasinski in a fight. When Malasinski came off the bench again, so did Silverthorn, who jumped Malasinski and got ejected from the game as a result. Silverthorn evidently felt that a call should have been made against Malasinski, but should not have taken the law into his own hands. Wildcats coach Ryan Aldridge has called for a long ban for Silverthorn, which would probably be fair, although his timing could have been better.

Minutes later, Kana checked McKenzie hard into the boards by the benches. As soon as Kana made the hit, he went onto the bench, leaving McKenzie on the ice. Aldridge has said the hit was hard but fair, whilst Tigers coach Tom Watkins got ejected from the game for misconduct. Having seen the hit, I am not sure it was fair; Kana turns his back as he approaches McKenzie and seems to fractionally leave his feet and hit McKenzie high. If Silverthorn deserves a ban, so does Kana.

The game last night was the final scheduled meeting between the sides this season, although they could yet play each other in the playoffs and the Cup final; if so, I think they could be feisty games.


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