Book review: Extraordinary Retribution

Miguel Lopez, a former CIA agent, flees after reading about the deaths of former members of his team. However, he is tracked down and killed by a mysterious killer. Lopez’s brother, Father Francisco Lopez, vows to find out what happened and ends up working with CIA agent Sara Houston. They discover that the killer, known as the Wraith, is killing former members of a CIA programme that has been deeply hidden and is known by few; those who do know are trying to hide from the Wraith and discredit Houston and Lopez. However, the Wraith does not plan on stopping with killing just members of the CIA, with a former Vice President being his ultimate target.

Extraordinary Retribution is a fast-paced thriller. It begins with an explosive opening as the Wraith destroys a hidden prison in Syria and the pace does not let up throughout. It is quite an easy read and with the constant action, very enjoyable. I read it in a couple of days, a fact helped by the constant action that made me want to keep on reading. I enjoyed the book and would strongly recommend it for anyone who likes fast-paced action thrillers.


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