UFC 183: Silva V Diaz

The co-main event was in the Welterweight division and saw Tyron Woodley (#3) take on Kelvin Gastelum (#7). The fight went the distance and the judges gave the fight to Woodley on a split decision. I was not surprised that it was a split decision; in the first half of the fight, very little happened. The second half of the fight saw a little more action, with Woodley landing a couple of clean right hands. These were about the only good shots of the fight and deserved to see Woodley take the decision. However, the performance is unlikely to see him become an instant challenger to Robbie Lawler; Johny Hendricks and Rory MacDonald are still ahead of him (and by a distance) in my opinion.

The main event was in the Middleweight division and saw the return of the Spider, with Anderson Silva (#1) taking on Nick Diaz. The fight went the distance and the judges gave the fight to Silva unanimously. Diaz began the fight by trash-talking, lying on the floor, leaning against the fence and inviting Silva on and adopting a pose in the middle of the Octagon, allowing Silva to move around him; this led to referee John McCarthy telling him to stop and fight, although Diaz continued the taunting throughout. Taunts from Diaz often saw Silva back away and move forward again afterwards, fighting his fight as opposed to the one Diaz wanted him to. Diaz looked to let Silva, a noted counter-striker, lead where possible, resulting in the action coming in bursts. As the fight progressed, Silva took more and more control, but never looked like finishing Diaz.

After the fight, it was revealed that both Silva and Diaz had tested positive for banned substances.


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