Book review: Assassin’s List (The Adam Drake Series Book 1)

Assassin’s List begins with a murder at a government defence contractor, which sees lawyer (and ex Delta Force operative) Adam Drake visit the company. The head of security, who voices concerns about the security company they are using, is found dead in an apparent suicide hours later. Drake begins investigating the company, discovering several surprising and worrying things about the company. Drake takes it upon himself to defend the Secretary of Homeland Security, who he believes to be the target of an assassination plot.

The book moves along at a good pace and the action is built up to. Drake might be an ex-Delta Force operative, but looks to find out as much as possible instead of charging around like Rambo. Despite his investigating, there remain things he does not know, but tries his best to piece together using what he knows and his training. Due to his investigation work, when he does resort to action, it is focused and has a clear objective. The book ends well and gives a clear indication of a sequel. A good book, that brings together action, thriller and mystery/investigation.


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