UFC Fight Night: Henderson V Thatch

The co-main event was in the Featherweight division and saw Max Holloway (#13) take on Cole Miller. The fight went the distance, with all the judges giving the fight to Holloway. The fight was primarily a striking battle, but when it did go towards the mat, Miller showed some innovative attempts at submission. As the fight progressed, Holloway took more and more control of the fight, but never looked like finishing it, despite landing some big shots pretty clean. The decision was the right one, although 30-27 from one judge seemed slightly harsh.

The main event saw Benson Henderson (#5, LW) step up to Welterweight to take on Brandon Thatch. After a tough fight, Henderson gained the victory in Round 4 via submission. The fight began at a fast pace, with Henderson unsurprisingly looking to be the quicker of the two. Thatch took control in the second round with some very strong striking, but Henderson seemed to slip most of the really big shots. Henderson was able to take Thatch down in Round 3, gain his back and threaten with submissions; this was repeated in Round 4, with some added ground and pound, helping him to set up the submission via rear naked choke.


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