England’s World Cup

England’s World Cup has started with a 111 run loss to Australia and an 8 wicket loss to New Zealand (in which the game lasted less than half the scheduled time). I think the changes going into the World Cup have not helped; the selectors appeared to have a plan for the tournament, but some losses and poor form from Cook saw him replaced as captain by Morgan, who is going through an even worse spell with the bat. There seems to be lots of chopping and changing of players as though they are hoping to find a winning formula as opposed to having a plan for getting there. Regardless of pressure from the media, if the selectors had their ideas in place, they should have stuck to them.

I also think the perception of One Day cricket in England is to blame. In my opinion, I think more England fans would want to see the team win the Ashes than the World Cup. I accept that the Ashes has a much longer history, but Test cricket is still seen as the main form of the game, with ODIs being a bit of a distraction. I am certainly more interested in the Tests than their accompanying one day series and until this view of the game in its different formats is changed, I think that England will continue to struggle at the World Cup.

If you were given the choice, would you rather England won the World Cup or the Ashes? I think more people will vote for the Ashes.


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