Book review: The Other Pilot

The Other Pilot begins with the death of General Polk whilst taking off. Boyd Chailland investigates and finds out that the General was actually an imposter and that a group is planning the overthrow of the government of the United States of America and the assassination of the President.

I found the first half of the book to be quite slow moving, with Chailland investigating and finding out lots of different things. The following quarter saw the pace increase, with Chailland putting the pieces together and working out the plot as it starts. The final quarter sees the action, which includes a dogfight between a Messerschmitt and a Mustang (despite being in contemporary America) in an effort to save Air Force One.

The book is a mixture between a mystery (who was Polk?), political (the attempt to overthrow the government and how the money for the plan is raised) and action thriller (Chailland escaping, capturing some of the rebels and the aerial dogfight).

The book is quite heavy-going and in-depth in places, especially when details about planes are being given and the financial schemes to raise the money for the plot are being explained. In contrast, the end seems slightly anti-climactic and rushed after the aerial dogfight. My favourite parts were the media reports of the plot unfolding.

Rating (out of 5): ***

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