Book review: Do You Think You’re Clever?

Do You Think You’re Clever? asks some of the questions that are asked by Oxbridge departments at interviews (the title comes from the opening question in the book). The questions are answered by the author (John Farndon), although as he stresses in his introduction, they are not to be taken as THE answer, rather how he would answer them. There are a variety of different questions from different departments; some of the questions appear incredibly simple, whilst others appear impossible. However, Farndon clearly sets out his answer and how he has arrived to it.

I really enjoyed the book because I have been asking a weekly ‘Question of the Week’ on a blog for a primary school, in which I ask an open question each week. The questions were all thought-provoking and I enjoyed thinking about how I would answer the questions. I strongly recommend this book if you enjoy thinking about tricky problems that do not necessarily have an answer (or certainly an answer that is not easy to come to or just find).

Rating (out of 5): *****


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