Book review: The Killing League

The Killing League sees retired FBI profiler Wallace Mack trying to track down a number of serial killers, before realising that they are in competition with one another and that recent murders have all been people he has known. Mack quickly realises he is the ultimate target for the competition, along with a woman he rescued from a serial killer years ago.

The organiser of The Killing League, known as the Commissioner, is revealed only at the end, coming as a surprise to Mack. It is described as a thriller, which is accurate given the pace of the story.

The chapters are numerous and very short, focusing on the activities of one character in each chapter. The book is also split up into sections, including introductions to the characters, the setting up of the competition and how it plays out. The short chapters and brisk pace makes for quite a quick read – I read the book within a day and found it to be very enjoyable, even though some of the murders are quite grisly.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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