Book review: Eyeshot

Eyeshot sees a couple suffer an apparent breakdown in the desert, miles from anywhere. However, closer inspection reveals bullet holes in the bonnet and the couple realise that they are trapped with a sniper taking shots at them. With no way of contacting the outside world, the race is on to reach nightfall. Or for help to arrive.

Eyeshot is described as, ‘the most gripping suspense thriller you will ever read’. I found it to be a gripping suspense thriller and read most of it in one go. Thrillers often see multiple changes of location, sharp bursts of action and passages of time; in Eyeshot, the location is the desert and the book takes place within a timescale measured in hours as opposed to days or weeks. The suspense builds gradually as the couple try their best to ensure their survival against a sniper they cannot see (but know roughly where and how far away he is) and increases further still as time progresses and the sniper and his assistant try to get the couple into the open. The suspense is built over a long period of the book and then the action is unleashed at quite a pace. There is also an excellent twist to the end of the book as the action stage is reached. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it strongly to anyone who enjoys suspense being built up over a long period of time.

Rating (out of 5): *****

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