National Record Day

With it being National Record Day, I’ve had a little think and decided on 5 albums I would like to have on vinyl (and why). They are in no particular order.

Extreme II – Pornograffiti (Extreme) A great album by an underrated band. This album has a diverse range of songs on and showcases what they were capable of. The opening song of Decadence Dance is an amazing song and is well supported by the rest of the album.

Slippery When Wet (Bon Jovi) Not a long album with only 10 songs, but there is not one bad song on there. Bon Jovi’s third album is their best by quite a distance and features some of their best known songs, notably Livin’ On A Prayer.

Enema Of The State (Blink 182) All The Small Things was Blink’s big breakthrough song and is on this album, although I would argue that there are much better songs on the album. Dumpweed is a great album opener and there is a high standard throughout, with Anthem finishing the album off nicely. Whilst I think that Dude Ranch is a better album, I’ve picked Enema of the State because it was the first Blink album I bought and got me into punk-pop/rock.

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols An amazing album. It’s a 12 song album and there is not one bad song on there. God Save The Queen and Anarchy In The UK are both on it, but the other 10 songs are just as good. I cannot recommend this album enough.

Warning (Green Day) Picking a Green Day album was difficult as all of them are so good. My personal favourite is probably Nimrod (for the diversity on the album), although Insomniac and 21st Century Breakdown run it close. However, I chose Warning for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Warning was the first Green Day album I bought after having heard Minority and loving the song. The second reason is that Warning often seems to be an overlooked album, probably because the following album (American Idiot) was such a success. Much of the album is acoustic, which shows that Green Day were confident enough to do what they wanted and is full of underrated songs that are well worth a listen to.


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