Barcelona 2-0 PSG

Barcelona qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League with ease, the 2-0 victory on the night giving them a 5-1 aggregate victory. Both of Barcelona’s goals came in the first half. The first goal, in the 14th minute, was an outstanding goal; Iniesta ran down the middle of the pitch, beating three defenders on the way. He then slid the ball through for Neymar, taking two more PSG players out of the game; Neymar then rounded the keeper and rolled the ball into the empty net. Barcelona’s (and Neymar’s) second came 20 minutes later; Dani Alves put a cross in from the right and an unmarked Neymar headed home from 8 yards.

Barcelona dominated the first half and two goals was the least they deserved. PSG came into the game more in the second half, but whether this was due to any improvement on their part or Barcelona not playing with the same intensity is difficult to say, although the latter seemed more likely. Barcelona fully deserved to qualify.


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