Book Review: Earthly Powers

Earthly Powers follows Terri Powers on a remote island. She is looking after the island and believes that she is on her own, but feels that she is being watched. She invites her husband to the island and discovers that an eco-group (Earth Power, headed by Lucius Stringer) is also on the island. But why?

Earthly Powers is a good thriller, with the treasure that Stringer and his group are looking for only being revealed at the end of the book, although hinted at throughout. Aspects of the novel reminded me of a James Bond novel, with the setting being on a remote island and a powerful villain having a base there and inviting the central characters to his base, where he has lots of workers. The chase of Jack around the island is described in great detail and moves a good pace. However, some detail about how Terri and Marcus fared whilst on the island during the chase of Jack would have helped keep them in focus before being re-introduced at the end, although could have slowed the pace of the novel down. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

Rating (Out of 5): ****


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