Book review: Codename: Moneyman

Codename: Moneyman sees a former British soldier recruited by the Secret Services and sent to Tenerife to carry out a sanctioned kill. However, on arrival, he discovers he has been sent there to protect the target, who is at risk from Chinese, Russian and British assassins, whilst the local police force want to interview them; at the same time, there is a mole in Whitehall, that the handler’s in London are trying to uncover.

The novel moves along at a fast pace and with different gangs attempting to kill the target, action is never far away. Every time they believe they are safe, a gang finds them and they struggle to escape for a brief moment of safety; the location of an island makes finding safety difficult. As the plot develops, it becomes more difficult for them to decide whether the handlers in Whitehall can be trusted, which helps to build the suspense in the story. An excellent book.

Rating (out of 5): *****


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