Book review: The Asset

The Asset follows Sam Wolfman, a Mossad agent who quits when a job goes wrong. Struggling for money, he investigates the death of media tycoon Max Robertson.

I found parts of the book to be excellent, especially where there was action. However, other parts seemed to slow the pace down, particularly full transcripts of Robertson’s diaries; with the exception of the final part, I thought that a summary would have helped the flow. I found the book difficult to read at times, with words being split at some points and at others two words being next to each other. Also, there seemed to be some a few instances of sudden jumps in time, location and characters within a paragraph, which also didn’t help with the flow of the story. Although Wolfman is shown to be good at his job, he also seems to be incredibly lucky at times as well. The idea is a nice one, but the poor editing makes it difficult to read and as a result, it was difficult to be totally immersed in the story.

Rating (out of 5): ***


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