Book review: Brainrush

Brainrush follows Jake Bronson, who is inside an MRI machine during an earthquake. Coming out of the machine, Bronson discovers that he has the ability to memorise a range of facts and process them incredibly quickly. Dr Luciano Battista wants to study Bronson’s brain as part of his study and attempt to create super-terrorists.

The book is part action, part thriller and part science fiction. The book is at it’s best, in my opinion, during the action scenes, which are described in plenty of detail and move along at a good pace. It took me a long time to get into the book and there are parts that almost like sci-fi, especially at the end when Bronson finds a super-computer. As a genre I do not enjoy, this meant that I didn’t enjoy the ending as much as I had the preceding action.

Rating (out of 5): ***


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