Book review: Necessary Measures

Necessary Measures follows Wolf Pack, a secret counter-terrorist team who are hunting a master terrorist known as Leviathan. The team know that Leviathan has a target in sight, but do not know when he will strike or what his target is.

Necessary Measures is an excellent thriller with some good action in there. It took me a while to get into the novel, but once into it, I enjoyed it. I think it took a while to get into because the leader of the Wolf Pack team (Brax) goes by several other names depending on where he is and who he is with, so it was initially slightly confusing. The target is revealed to the reader quite early, but the team believe other sites are targets and spend time investigating the leads, which makes it seem more believable; too often in novels like this the counter-terrorist team find out almost instantly what the target is and encounter few serious problems along the way. I would recommend the book to fans of thrillers who like the tension being built throughout the story and with a good dose of action.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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