A new chapter, a new challenge

Due to Steam not allowing itself to be updated, I can unfortunately no longer continue with my Football Manager 2012 game; unfortunate, because I am sure we would have clinched promotion to the Premier League where a Federico Cenci inspired side would have seen us romp to the title before defeating Europe’s finest and bring the Champions League trophy to Exeter. Perhaps…

I’ve travelled back to the time before Steam was required (Football Manager 2011) and started a game there. I started the game unemployed and got rejected by a couple of Championship sides, a couple of Italian sides and a fair few Spanish sides before Woking of the Blue Square South gave me my managerial break. I was appointed on a Friday in November and had a home game against Basingstoke in the FA Trophy the next day. Woking are currently in 20th and the first game offered a couple of clues as to why; Basingstoke’s first corner gave several chances to clear, but none were taken before Basingstoke poked the ball home from 6 yards. The reply was instant, with Basingstoke not clearing a corner properly and a fine header found the far corner. However, two penalties in the second half gave Basingstoke the victory and progress in the Trophy; my first league game will be at home against Basingstoke…


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