Book review: The World At War

The World At War is the book that accompanies the television series of the same name. It opens with the background to the war and then follows in a broadly chronological fashion, although chapters are concerned with various campaigns in different theatres of war as opposed to tracking what happened in different theatres during a particular period of time. Entire books have been written about specific operations or battles, so by it’s very nature, this book is not the most detailed available; however, it does cover the entire war and no major details or events are missed out. As an introduction to the Second World War, I would strongly recommend this book; if you already know about the war (or are looking to focus on a particular battle or theatre), The World At War is unlikely to contain the detail you want. I found it easy to read, especially with each chapter focusing on a particular theatre instead of the approach taken by other books covering the entire conflict that focus on periods of time and jump between different fronts.

Rating (out of 5): ****

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