Mourinho bans the doctor

Jose Mourinho reacted furiously when physio Jon Fearn and doctor Eva Carneiro raced on to the pitch towards the end of their 2-2 draw against Swansea to treat Eden Hazard. Mourinho was angry because the treatment left Chelsea with 9 players after Courtois had been sent off earlier and has recently said that Fearn and Carniero were naive, do not understand football and they will not be on the bench for Chelsea’s game at Manchester City this weekend.

I think that Mourinho is an excellent manager, but he is wrong in this case. The first duty of the physio and the doctor is to ensure the safety of players and if they have any concerns, they have to react. Also, they were called onto the pitch by the referee.

Mourinho’s accusation of them not understanding football may be true (although as they are employed at a football club, I would assume they have some understanding of the game), but they are not at the club for football reasons; they are there for medical reasons. I would not expect them to be delivering half time team talks, just as I would not expect Mourinho to treating injured players. If a player is injured (or believed to be), surely it transfers from being a football matter to a medical matter?

I believe that Mourinho was wrong to criticise the physio and doctor and that they reacted correctly in the situation. I also believe that he should not ban them from the bench.

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