Book review: Halfway to Hell

Halfway to Hell is the first book in the Johnny Park series. Park is a thief who specialises in diamonds. A robbery goes wrong and the gang end up with more than they expected. They have arranged to meet at a small town, but their buyer of the diamonds is murdered there and it appears as though they are now in danger from rivals, but the gang start to doubt one another.

It is unusual for a thriller to be following a bad character, with the lead normally being a member of law enforcement or spy. This twist gives the novel a different take and approach. There are flashbacks to earlier crimes committed by Park, which break up the flow of the main story, although they do provide an insight into why Park has agreed to commit this particular crime. The book is quite violent in places with some gory deaths. Despite the different perspective to the usual thriller, I was never completely immersed in this book.

Rating (out of 5): ***


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