Book Review: Miss Mapp

Miss Mapp tracks events in the village of Tilling, where Miss Mapp is undoubtedly in charge. Apart from possibly Diva Plaistow, who always seems to be discovering new things to the interest of the rest of the village. Miss Mapp is determined that Tilling will remain her village though.

This is a very gentle comedy, with Miss Mapp trying to ensure that she remains as the focal point of the village. However, her plans do not always go to plan and chaos and embarrassment ensue. Miss Mapp is devious in the way that she tries to take credit for fads introduced by Diva and make herself the centre of the averted duel between the Captain and the Major. The duel (or lack of and resulting fallout) was my favourite part of the novel, allowing Tilling to become a real place as opposed to a setting for a character.

Rating (out of 5): ****

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