Manchester City 1-2 Juventus

Manchester City’s first game in the Champions League ended in a defeat against last year’s finalists. The first half saw an early chance for Manchester City, but a good save from Buffon denied Sterling, who really should have scored. At the other end, Pogba had a header denied for offside. However, as a whole, chances were at a premium and Juventus would have been the happier side at the break.

Manchester City opened the scoring in the second half from a corner; Kompany climbed all over Chiellini, who headed it into his own net. The official behind the goal appeared to see the challenge and allow it, which again begs the question as to what their exact role is if they are going to miss obvious fouls or not make the referee aware of them. Sterling also missed another great chance. A fantastic cross from Pogba was touched home by Mandzukic and Morata scored the winner with a fine curling effort from the edge of the area.

Manchester City moved the ball around quite slowly and allowed Juventus to get players behind the ball. Juventus were disciplined in keeping their shape and looked dangerous when they did attack. Manchester City seemed happy to keep the ball without creating chances at times and looked nervous at times. Also, Bony was too often isolated and did not hold the ball up well. Juventus were easily the better team tactically and Manchester City will need to play at a higher tempo and with more purpose to cause teams problems in the Champions League this season and progress beyond the group stages.


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