Australia 28-13 Fiji

Australia opened their World Cup campaign against Fiji with a victory in Cardiff. Australia led throughout the game and deserved their victory, although Fiji provided competition throughout, despite only having had a 5 day turnaround. As expected, there were some great line breaks and some big hits; more surprising was the strength of the scrums (a couple in the first half went no-where for a good 20 seconds or so) and the use of the maul from attacking lineouts, which both teams threatened with.

Australia will be pleased to have got a victory and looked dangerous at times when their backs got the ball and the forwards provided a good base. However, they only scored three tries and in a group that looks as though it could be tight, it could end up being crucial that they did not do so. For Fiji, they have put in two good performances but been unable to get any points. I am sure that they will be targeting victories in their remaining two games against Wales (who would be hoping for a bonus point victory) and Uruguay.


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