France 38-11 Romania

France recorded their second victory in Pool D to put them in an excellent position against a tireless Romanian side making their first appearance of the tournament. France scored their tries in bunches (two in the last ten minutes of the first half with Romania down to 14 men and three in the final 15 minutes) and secured a bonus point. Romania also scored a try through a lineout in the final ten minutes of the game, but France deserved their victory.

To make use of a cliche, it was a very French performance – full of flair and incision at times, whilst at other times ponderous and lacking direction and precision. France will need to play better to be considered genuine contenders or to beat Ireland. However, having beaten Italy already and with Canada still to play, France look all but certain to already be in the quarter finals. Romania were generally solid defensively and competed ferociously at the breakdown, but were severely lacking in creativity, which is going to make winning games difficult for them.


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