Book review: Lucia in Trouble

Lucia in Trouble sees Mrs Lucas made Mayor of Tilling, surely the pinnacle of her social career. However, she discovers she must have a Mayoress and decides to appoint Mrs Mapp-Flint in an attempt to keep her under control.

Lucia in Trouble is the final book in the Mapp and Lucia series and as with the others, it is a comedy of manners. The two central characters continue to vie with one another for supremacy over Tilling. Unlike in Mapp and Lucia and Lucia’s Progress, Mrs Mapp-Flint has success and everything does not go Lucia’s way. Lucia is forced to work hard to keep her role as unofficial Queen of Tilling, with key supporters of her becoming disillusioned and believing what Mrs Mapp-Flint says. The battles remain just as ferocious between the two and the book is a fine ending to an excellent series. This book follows on immediately from Lucia’s Progress, so I would strongly recommend reading that before this.

Rating (out of 5):****


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