Argentina 54-9 Georgia

Argentina claimed a bonus point victory over Georgia in Pool C of the Rugby World Cup. The first half was a tight affair, with the score being 14-9 at half time. Argentina had had the better of the game, but made relatively few line breaks and appeared to lack a clinical edge, although they did score one try. The change in the game happened with the yellow carding of Gorgodze; Georgia had been warned that a yellow card had been coming and when it did, Argentina took full advantage by scoring three tries in the ten minutes of having a one-man advantage. With Georgia tiring, Argentina ran in further tries and recorded a convincing victory.

Argentina showed what a good side they are and were able to up their game to take full advantage of an opportunity presented to them. They will surely qualify behind New Zealand in the Pool and provide a tough test to the winners of Pool D. Georgia showed that they are very willing, but currently have a limited, forward-based game plan and no backup plan.

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