Film review: Spectre

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in Spectre, where he encounters a familiar nemesis in Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Whilst Bond is battling Blofeld, M is trying to keep the double-0 programme running, which C is looking to end as part of his plan for security services around the world to be linked and share their information. Bond and M soon find much more than they had bargained for when carrying out their separate investigations.

Spectre is a very good film and starts off with a typically action-packed start. The other action set pieces are also superb, with the camera not focusing and moving from point to point rapidly, putting you into the action. The fight scene between Bond and Hinx (played very well by Dave Bautista) is on a train and a throwback to past Bond films. Bautista is an excellent henchman and has you fearing for Bond.

The scenes involving Bond and Q are excellent, with plenty of humour. Bond is no longer being given a wide range of high tech gadgets as in the past, which is true to the books of Fleming. However, Bond is teased with some impressive looking equipment in the Q lab.

Craig remains an excellent Bond, being able to show both sides of Bond’s character as found in Fleming’s books. In this, he is greatly aided by a strong script and story and it is very easy to imagine that Spectre has been adapted from a book written by Fleming, with Blofeld challenging Bond physically and psychologically. The challenges Bond faces brings out his human side, but when called upon, Bond is able to switch on to his role as killer; Craig plays both sides exceptionally and is the best James Bond.

Spectre is an excellent film, but not quite as good as Skyfall; it is well-worth watching though.

Rating (out of 5): *****


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