Swindon Wildcats 5-3 Telford Tigers

The game started with a quick pace as the puck went from end to end with few stoppages in play, although neither side was able to create any chances of note. The Tigers opened the scoring in the 10th minute through Jonathan Weaver who fired a slapshot from the blue line into the net. The puck seemed to go through Stevie Lyle, who would probably want the shot back. Tigers doubled the lead through the excellent Joe Miller 40 seconds later; the Wildcats gave the puck up behind the net and Miller was able to beat Lyle on his stick side at the near post from a tight angle. This led to the Wildcats calling a timeout and they looked to take a more intense approach to the game afterwards. Matt Selby had some words with Miller at a break in play and when skating off, bumped into a stationary Martin Ondrej, stopped after going past, gave him a look and then continued to the bench.

Whilst the Wildcats were playing with a higher intensity, it was the Tigers who extended their lead further within 3 minutes of the start of the second period through Jason Silverthorn. The three-goal lead only lasted a couple of minutes before Jonas Hoog shovelled a rebound into the roof of the net. Three minutes later, the Wildcats pulled another one back through Aaron Nell and just after the half hour mark, the Wildcats levelled through Adam Harding on a powerplay; a shot hit Sam Gospel on the mask and Harding was on hand to put the puck into the net.

The start of the third saw the Tigers having the best of the play and spending plenty of time in the offensive zone, but struggling to create shooting opportunities and when they did, Lyle was equal to them. When the Wildcats broke, they looked dangerous. Gospel mis-judged a puck behind the net, but the Wildcats were unable to put the puck into a temporarily empty net. It was not to matter, as Nell gave them the lead three minutes later. The Tigers continued to press, but the Wildcats defended well and made sure they won all rebounds off Lyle. Carlo Finucci picked up a late penalty in the last couple of minutes for abuse of officials – he continued to protest, resulting in him being given an additional 10 minutes before finally receiving a 5+Match penalty; as he was skating towards the dressing room, he threw his stick across the ice. The Tigers pulled Gospel in search of an equaliser and there was a coming together behind the net after Miller went for a puck that was temporarily loose from Lyle and Kostal jumped in, grabbing hold of Miller. Wildcats sealed the victory in the last minute through Tomasz Malasinski, who fired into the empty Tigers net whilst in his own defensive zone.

Wildcats SOG: 23 (5, 11, 7)
Tigers SOG: 53 (18, 21, 14)

Wildcats PiMs: 21 (2, 2, 17)
Tigers Pims: 4 (0, 4, 0)

Wildcats Points: Nell, 2+2; Malasinski, 1+3; Hoog, 1+1; Harding, 1+0; Richardson, 0+1.
Tigers Points: Weaver, Miller, 1+1; Silverthorn, 1+0; Gospel, 0+1.

Wildcats MOTM: Nell
Tigers MOTM: Miller


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