The greatest players in the world (but you’ve never heard of them)

Rob Smyth has written an article on The Guardian website, looking at six great signings that could be made on Championship/Football Manager. Most of them are well-known (although the list does not include Championship Manager legends Cherno Samba or Julius Aghahowa), but what amazing, unknown players have you found on the game? Unless you jump straight into a job at one of the top clubs, building a successful side requires a patient chairman, a bit of luck, a good scouting network and hours scouring the free transfer market. Below are my top 3 greatest players you’ve never heard of (not in any order):

1. Ole Kristian Ommundsen: Ole was a Norwegian midfielder I signed in Football Manager 2007. He was listed as a DM/CM and I signed him as a long-term replacement for my holding midfielder, Josip Milardovic. However, whilst Milardovic was an excellent holding midfielder, it became apparent quite quickly that Ole was a much better footballer, being able to create attacks as well as break them up. I took care with him, gently blooding him into the first team and it was a policy that was working well until the board decided, upon receiving an offer of £350,000 from Sheffield Wednesday, to sell him.

2. Federico Cenci: Federico was an Italian forward I signed in Football Manager 2012. He was listed as AML/S and was available as a released youth player. Whilst most youth signings were happy for a couple of hundred pounds a week, Federico asked for around £3,000 a week. However, he was worth it, with his stats being as good (or better) than the majority of my first team. He was blooded in with care (he was a young player in a foreign country, no point in expecting an immediate impact; also, Dacian Varga was consistently excellent on the left wing and whilst Konstadin Hazurov and Michele Marconi were not breaking goalscoring records, they were doing the job I asked of them) and becoming a key part of the side; once he scored his first (which took about 12 games), he started to find the net on a regular basis.

3. Michel: Michel was a Spanish attacking midfielder I signed in Football Manager 2012. He was listed as AM and it would be fair to say he hit the ground running; after 5 games, he had 3 goals and 5 assists. Whilst such prolific form didn’t continue, he remained a key part of the side. His goalscoring exploits may have dried up (most he got were tap-ins), he continued to lead the way in assists, playing in my striker and widemen on a regular basis.

Who have been your greatest unknown signings? Which version of the game did you sign them in? Where/how did you sign them and what impact did they have on your team? Please leave a comment and let me know.


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