Book review: Jet

Jet follows an ex-Mossad agent, who has faked her own death to retire and live a quiet life in the Caribbean. However, it has been discovered she is still alive. But by who? And why do they want her dead?

Jet starts with a level of action that makes a James Bond film look like a slow burner with a shoot-out in the Caribbean and the action remains fast and frenetic throughout as Jet goes around the world, tracking her attempted assassin and discovering why he wants her dead (neatly summed up through an action-filled flashback). Blake gives a disclaimer before the book that he is not looking for realism, favouring an action-packed approach that will leave the reader hooked and he certainly delivers on this. Jet single-handedly wipes out small armies of mercenaries (who are all ex-special forces themselves) and is an expert at whatever she turns her hand to; whilst she rarely seems to be in any genuine danger, her exploits leave you wanting to read on and find out just how she will escape a certain situation. Jet takes the tried and trusted formula for a good action thriller and combines it with incredible action and a breakneck pace. I strongly recommend reading Jet.

Rating (out of 5): *****

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