UFC 194: Aldo V McGregor

The co-main event saw Chris Weidman (C) take on Luke Rockhold (#1) for the Middleweight title. The first round was a close one, in which Weidman started strong with some grappling, but Rockhold came back into the round towards the end. However, Weidman seemed to have done enough to claim the round. Round 2 was a clearer round, with Rockhold finding success with his strikes. Round 3 looked to be a reversal, as Weidman found success with strikes, particularly body kicks. The round changed when Weidman attempted a wheel kick that was slow and that he seemed unsure of and Rockhold took full advantage, taking Weidman down, establishing a dominant position and unleashing a minute of ground and pound that was surprisingly not stopped by referee Herb Dean. The fourth round proved to be the final one, with Rockhold taking Weidman down and unleashing more ground and pound, forcing Dean to step in and give the victory (and title) to Rockhold.

The main event was the long awaited Featherweight title match between Jose Aldo (C) and Conor McGregor (IC). The match had originally been scheduled for July, but Aldo pulled out with a rib injury, resulting in McGregor fighting Chad Mendes and becoming the interim champion with victory. The match proved to be a record breaker as McGregor claimed victory in 13 seconds with a left hand that knocked out Aldo. Referee John McCarthy was rushing over to call the fight off as McGregor landed a couple of hammer fists on the prone Aldo.

It will be interesting to see what happens next; McGregor said that he would step up to lightweight after winning the featherweight title and beat the winner of Rafael dos Anjos and Donald Cerrone, who fight next week. There have already been words exchanged between McGregor and Cerrone, so it is likely that if that happens, it would be another huge event for the UFC. Aldo, in his post-match interview, wanted a rematch, but McGregor has announced that he wants his first title defence to be in Ireland against Frankie Edgar.


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