Book review: The Geronimo Breach

The Geronimo Breach sees a camera stolen by a sacked chef. Unfortunately for the chef, the camera contains a secret the American government needs to keep. The chef realises that he has no future in Panama and is desperate to get back to his home country of Colombia. He is going to be smuggled over the border and has an escort from the American embassy (Al Ross) who has no idea that the chef has the much sought-after camera. However, American officials do and will stop at nothing to get the camera back and keep the secret safe.

Ross is not a typical leading character; he is shown to be a drunkard, selfish , unfit and a coward. Despite this, his bosses and shown to be bullies and indifferent towards him, so Ross retains support from the reader. As always with a Blake novel, there is plenty of action as Ross is chased and gets involved in numerous gun battles as the American government looks to recover the camera. As well as the gun battles, Ross has to survive in the lethal jungle between Panama and Colombia by himself and also dodge Colombian officials after his photograph is circulated by an increasingly desperate government.

The ending contains a good twist and is a genuine surprise as Ross finds a way to remain alive, which looks unlikely for much of the novel. The novel is fast-moving and there is good action throughout, which is described with enough detail to put you in the middle of the action without slowing the pace.

Rating (out of 5) ****


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