Book review: Patriot

Patriot is the first book in the Brooke Kinley series. Kinley is a journalist with links to various agencies in the American government. After an American patrol is ambushed in Afghanistan and an Apache is shot down, there is an attempt to find out how such advanced weapons were used, but the investigation seems to be being blocked. Kinley is given some information and begins to investigate and looks to track down the man credited with the advanced chip that was used in downing the Apache.

The novel begins with an action-packed opening as the Apache is shot down. Action is then throughout the novel as Kinley investigates, but rarely as fast-moving as at the start. It is soon discovered that the downing of the Apache is only the first stage, with bigger actions in store for the future. Kinley is able to prevent this from happening in a good sequence on a boat that is sailing towards Washington. Although Washington is saved, a conspiracy is uncovered at the same time.

After the initial action-packed opening, the novel increases in pace to a frenetic finish. The book alternates between what Kinley is discovering in Canada and what is happening in Washington and how attempts to discover exactly what has happened are being frustrated. The book was easy to read and enjoyable.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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