Book Review: The Dust That Falls From Dreams

The Dust That Falls From Dreams is the latest novel by Louis de Bernieres and is set in the early 20th Century. Much of the book is based around World War I and focuses on the McCosh family.

As with many books by de Bernieres, more than one character has their story being told. The character who probably has their story told the most is Rosie McCosh, the eldest daughter. Her fiance is killed during the war and she struggles to come to terms with this, but finds some solace in nursing because it keeps her busy and she eventually ends up marrying Daniel, who she knew when they were children and was a friend of Ash (her fiance). The rest of the family, their servants and Ash and Daniel have aspects of their life story told; Ash and Daniel in detail at times. There are cameos from other characters in their lives.

Another typical feature of books by de Bernieres is also evident with the rich, descriptive language used in telling the story. It is easy to visualise what de Bernieres is writing about with such powerful and evocative language; every word seems to have been purposefully chosen for maximum effect and ensure an excellent book.

Rating (out of 5): *****


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