Book review: Chill Run

Chill Run is a fast-paced thriller set in Canada. Eddie wants to become an author and his friends persuade him that becoming a celebrity will be a shortcut to achieving his ambition. His friends persuade him to set up a publicity stunt but events rapidly get out of hand and Eddie finds himself in deep trouble with only Corey (his best friend) and Jordyn (Corey’s girlfriend) to rely on.

The novel has a dramatic opening and the rest is then a flashback explaining how the starting situation was reached. As already mentioned, it is fast-paced and Eddie always appears to be only a half-step away from being caught. His plans are generally made up on the fly and show him trying to make the best of any situation.

There is a good twist towards the end of the novel that explains how deep the conspiracy that Eddie has uncovered goes. The twist develops very quickly and is not hinted at throughout the novel. The twist also shows Eddie having to develop a plan as he goes along and hope that it works. A very good read, especially for people who like thrillers to move along at a high speed.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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