Book review: FAST: A Military Thriller

FAST: A Military Thriller starts with Captain Alex Coleman, a Marine, escorting weapons inspectors to a top secret biological research facility. When they reach the facility, they encounter a situation beyond their comprehension with everyone at the facility who has somehow remained alive in severe danger as mutant plants have been unleashed by a group of terrorists.

I think the best way of describing the book is by likening it to Die Hard as the action comes thick and fast (no pun intended) in a defined area, although Coleman does have help from his team (despite losing members throughout) and estranged wife who works at the facility and he is also battling the mutant plants as well as the terrorists. The novel moves at a very brisk pace as Coleman goes from one crisis to another. The action is described well the tension is kept throughout. A very readable action thriller that is helped by being in a confined area, with a good twist of a third force that presents a danger to both sides.

Rating (out of 5): *****


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