Book review: The Last Prize

The Last Prize sees two former soldiers in a race from East and West America to Nebraska to win $1,000,000. The prize has been put in a suitcase in a field by two rich businessmen who have bet millions on which man will reach the suitcase first and win and they have each hired someone to follow their man.

The Last Prize is quite similar to the premise of the film Rat Race, with characters racing across the country using all necessary means to win. However, The Last Prize is much grittier than the comedy film, with the characters struggling with civilian life. The characters are all flawed, with the two rich businessmen being unlikeable and untrustworthy – they are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that their man will win them the bet. The story moves between the men racing to get the money and the businessmen in a hotel suite during the race. The novel move along at a good pace as they travel the country and builds up to a dramatic ending.

Rating (out of 5): ****

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