Book review: Overture to Disaster

Overture to Disaster is the third book in a post-Cold War trilogy. An American helicopter crashes in Iran whilst on a rescue mission and a Soviet weapons facility, housing chemical weapons, is attacked. Several years later, the two events lead to the a retired American pilot and a Belarussian investigator working together to foil a terrorist attack in Washington.

The characters are well described and the initial two events become linked together more and more as the novel progresses, despite the passage of several years between the helicopter crash/attack on the weapons facility and the planned attack on Washington. The plot is initially discovered in Mexico and progresses to the United States of America. There is some action in Mexico, followed by investigative work and following the plotters through America before the final scene. The characters looking to foil the plot encounter problems and difficulties throughout whilst looking to foil the plot, part of which is due to home-grown politics and part of which is due to chance. There are a number of different characters and this can slow the pace down at times as you try to remember how they are involved in the plot, but otherwise this is a very good thriller.

Rating (out of 5): ****

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