Book review: Cobra Dane

Russia launches nuclear missiles at America and a Russian sleeper team takes over the Cobra Dane radar site on the remote island of Shemya so that America will receive no warning. The sleeper team is successful and America receives a massive first strike that it cannot answer. Except that it was a drill and America is unharmed. There is a power struggle in the Kremlin as some want the incident to be swept up to continue receiving aid, whilst hardliners want it to be known and a new Cold War to begin; America also wants the incident to be unreported. Engineer Frank Trask comes across various people on the island as the situation unfolds.

Cobra Dane is a fast-moving action-thriller. The plot unfolds and it is not known that the attack was actually a drill initially. Once the plot has been activated and both sides work out what has happened, the novel brings in a political aspect as well. Trask is an unlikely hero and when he is introduced, he is hungover. Both sides move forces to the area and the action that takes place is well described. Cobra Dane is a very enjoyable action-thriller and another triumph for John Campbell.

Rating (out of 5): ****

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