Book review: Admirals

Admirals is a study by Andrew Lambert in which he profiles 11 admirals who made Britain the strongest sea-faring nation. The admirals Lambert studies are from Tudor England to the end of the Second World War. Each admiral is studied in a separate chapter (with the exception of Samuel Hood and John Jervis) as Lambert provides an autobiography, with a focus on a particularly notable battle or action of their career. Surprisingly, Nelson does not have a chapter of his own, although there are plenty of other books and studies of Nelson. Lambert explains in the epilogue that he does not include Nelson because he is widely accepted as the greatest British admiral and combined the qualities of all the other men profiled in the book. Each chapter is a good autobiography of an admiral and does not get bogged down in trivial details. I learnt a lot from the book, having known little about some of the admirals (and nothing about others).

Rating (out of 5): ****


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