Swindon Wildcats 5-6 Telford Tigers

Wildcats started the game well and took the lead 44 seconds into the game as Sam Bullas picked up a pass from the left from Floyd Taylor and put the puck past Sam Gospel. The Wildcats continued to put on the pressure and received a 2 minute powerplay when Danny Rose was called for interference at 2.11. THe Wildcats were unable to score, but received a 5 minute powerplay at 6.06 when Sam Zajac picked up a 5+G for high sticks that drew blood. The Wildcats did score at 10.53, but it was washed out for being kicked in. The Tigers survived the 5 minute powerplay and started to play better. At 13.47, the Tigers got on the scoresheet through Doug Clarkson, who scored from the top of the left face off circle. With 2 seconds of the period remaining, Jason Silverthorn picked up a rebound and put the Tigers into the lead.

The Tigers started the second period with plenty of pressure and the first goal of the period came at 23.46 and went to the Wildcats; they broke and Jan Kostal scored from the top of the right face off circle. Kostal then put the Wildcats into the lead at 26.16 with a shot from the blue line that hit Gospel and went in. Straight from the face off, Bullas was called for tripping, but the Tigers were unable to make the powerplay count. At 33.29, it was the turn of the Wildcats to go on the powerplay when Adam Jones was called for boarding. Kostal completed his hat-trick at 34.15 with a shot from the blue line that appeared to take a deflection before hitting the back of the net. With time running out in the second period, Neil Liddiard received a 2 minute penalty at 36.58 for holding and Clarkson scored his second of the game at 37.34 from close range after receiving a pass from behind the net.

The Tigers started the third period well and at 41.04, scored from the left as Clarkson completed his hat-trick. At 43.51, Adam Taylor scored from a similar position and the Wildcats responded by calling a time out. At 51.03, Tomasz Malasinski scored from close in, firing into the roof of the net. A close in finish was the source of the next goal, with Milan Kolena being the man on hand to finish it off. With just over a minute to go, the Wildcats pulled Stevie Lyle for an extra skater. With two seconds left, the Wildcats took a shot. It took a deflection and trickled wild as the Tigers recorded the win.

Wildcats points: Kostal (3+0); Malasinski (1+1); Bullas (1+0); Hill (0+2); Taylor, Finlinson, Hoog, Birbraer (0+1)
Tigers points: Clarkson (3+1); Silverthorn (1+1); Kolena (1+0); Davies (0+3); Korhon, Tait (0+2); McEwan, Rose (0+1)

Wildcats MOM: Jan Kostal (3+0)
Tigers MOM: Doug Clarkson (3+1)


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