Book Review: Thrift

Thrift follows a secondary school teacher during the Autumn term. He admits that he is not a good or successful teacher, but the school management seem to be able to overlook this and give him the job of the school play (that has resulted in previous teachers leaving), and lesson observations with the local newspaper and OFSTED. Surely such a poor teacher cannot survive these three events and come up smelling of roses? Especially with such a modern twist on Hamlet when the Headmaster is repeatedly shown to be interested in something much more traditional…

Thrift is a comedy and an excellent one. The management team at the school seem more concerned with reputation and meaningless phrases than how things are actually going, whilst the narrator easily gives up in the face of any opposition from his students. He is prepared to resort to bribery if it will make him look good, despite the consequences for others. The book has several laugh out loud moments and is a thoroughly enjoyable read that goes at a great pace. Sequels for the Spring and Summer terms would be most welcome!

Rating (out of 5): *****


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